Toch Smarturns transforms your stove to a smart stove, making cooking safer

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Keeping you safe while you cook

Have you or someone you know been distracted in the mids of cooking leaving the stove unattended, or unknowingly forget to turn off the burner? The results can be disastrous. That is why we created TochSmarturns. Not only will it save your dinner, it could save your life.

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Kitchen fire from unattended stoves is a real danger


162,400 fires per year or 34% of reported home fires are a result of unattended cooking (National Fire Prevention Association, USA)


Unattended stove fires are responsible for 430 civilian deaths, 5,400 reported civilian fire injuries, and $1.1 billion in direct property damage per year (National Fire Protection Association, USA)


In 2009-2013, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 3,870 structure fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities, and barracks*

Toch Smarturns Solutions


The Smarturns alarm and phone notification functions provide tenants and Airbnb guests with reminders to ensure safe cooking. At the same time landlords can be alerted of a potential fire, and updated on cooking activities and stove usage.

Campus Housing

Samrturns installed in kitchens located in campus housing units can alert students and campus security of an unattended stove.


Do you worry about elderly parents and loved ones who live independently and may suffer memory loss due to aging? With more seniors choosing to live independently, being able to support them remotely could be more important than ever. Alarm notifications can be sent to remote caregivers.

Easy to install and operate

Setup is easy and does not require professional installation services. Toch Smarturns works seemlessly, not requiring new or modified user routines

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Each Toch Smarturns package includes:

image of knobs

2 or 4 intelligent knobs

image of hub

1 hub

image of motion sensor

1 motion sensor

image of adapters

8 universal
knob adapters

Free app available for
iOS and Android Download APK

Combining Technology and Design

TochTech Technologies Ltd has been prototyping and creating dozens of versions of the design of the intelligent knob incorporating its patent-pending technology. Significant effort has been put into studying the different types of stoves and their associated knobs. Close attention was paid to the details such as, the weight and feel of the knobs, ensuring the highest level of design and function.

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Toch Smarturns introduced
to the community

Community support and engagement has been overwhelming during our product demonstrations and tradeshow attendance. We participated at:

Vancouver Maker Faire

North Vancouver Care Giver Expo

CARP S.H.A.R.E Richmond